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How to check PAN card status online? First lets understand what is a PAN card and why is it needed. The PAN card is a necessary and essential requirement for anyone wishing to conduct financial transactions in India.  The PAN card was made mandatory by the Income Tax department of India since 2005. Thus anyone living in the country or any Non-resident Indian living abroad needs to have a valid PAN card that will allow him/her to carry out monitory deals in the country. The PAN is must to do any kind of financial dealings involving banks, the Income Tax department, or any stock exchange deals.



The PAN or Permanent Account Number is a ten digit alphanumeric number that is issued in the form of a laminated card by the Income Tax department. This measure was taken in order to allow the authorities to monitor the financial dealings taking place in the country and for the enforcement of Income Tax laws that prevent unfair or illegal procedures. In the current scenario, the PAN is a compulsory item that every adult must own as it allows one to file for income tax returns and any other activity pertaining to financial exchanges.

The procedure for application for the PAN card is a simple one, and once the duly filled application form has been submitted it is just a matter of time before the PAN card is delivered to your address. It generally takes three weeks for the delivery of the card, but in case it is not delivered on time or if you have some inquiry regarding the status of your PAN card, then it is now possible to have your queries answered.

The status of your PAN card can be checked in the case of various scenarios. These include the application for a new PAN, reprint of the PAN card or in case of changes or corrections in PAN card details. 3-4 days after the application for PAN card one can easily check the status of the PAN card online with the help of a 15 digit unique acknowledgement number. This is given to you upon submission of the PAN card form. The Check status enquiry can be used in case you have made the payment using a credit card online. Using this facility you can do one of three things.

       Track the status of the application by entering the 12 digit code that flashes on the screen at the time of payment.

       The mode of payment can also be changed to cheque or demand draft if you find that the payment through credit card has been unsuccessful.

       One also has the option of regenerating and printing the receipt for acknowledgement of the payment within 30 days of the date of online application.

The PAN card is a must for every individual related to India in some way, and more so for NRIs wishing to do business in India. Thus it is very important to file for the PAN card without wasting time and to keep a check on the status of the PAN card application. The current online facilities have made it relatively simple to not only pay online, but also check the application status online.

These new and improved facilities save you a lot of worry about the status of the PAN card and let you rest assured that the delivery of the PAN card is pending and that your application has not been in vain. These new online services also allow you to change any details in the application form. Thus if you already do not own a PAN card, then apply now as it is a simple procedure that will save you a lot of worry and hassle later.


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