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How To Verify Your PAN Card Number online? 

PAN or the Personal Account Number is something which is mandatory for all the citizens of India having a bank account and earning. It is the Indian version of the Americaís Social Security Number. There a few tricks associated with the verification of your PAN card.


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In case you have to know your PAN details and all the related information including the PAN address read on.

The following are the list of steps that you are required to perform incase you have to verify your PAN card

        - To verify the PAN applied through NSDL: for verification of the PAN applied through NSDL all you have to do is input the 15 digit acknowledgement number of application or the same can be done by inputting the Name and Date of Birth/Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership/Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons.

- The output that will be provided to you after the providing the mentioned information are the name, PAN and the date of dispatch. 

        - To verify the PAN applied through UTISL: for verification of the PAN applied through UTISL you need to provide the 15 digit coupon number or the application number and you will get the required output of the name, PAN and the date of dispatch.

You can also get all the necessary information regarding you PAN card by providing your name and date of birth and fatherís name on a application form. The following are the details that you need to fill up. 

1.       First name, middle name, surname

2.       Date of birth

3.       Fatherís first, middle and surname.

All you have to make sure while filling up of the names is that you have use the correct spellings for he names as they were while filling up of the original PAN form. Because to get the correct information they have to match the data present in the PAN database. You have to make sure about some other features as well. The name shown on the PAN card may sometimes not match with the PAN database. This can be due to fact that the abbreviation of the name has been used while printing the PAN card.

If you are interested in knowing the company, firm, HUF PAN then the full name is to filled in the surname column and the date of incorporation is to be supplied in the date of birth column.

It is very essential that you are confident enough about the matching of the data. If you are fill in the respective details about the first name, middle name, surname and the date of birth and the PAN details will be yours. The important points that you should note at all times are the following:

        The name that was originally filled for the PAN application form must match with that of the verification application form.

        Sometimes general mistakes like that of the surname being given as the first name are to be avoided at all costs.

        Filling up of the surname column is a must. Even if you do not have a surname then also it is highly essential that you fill up the surname column. This step is very important and it ensures that you get all the details regarding your PAN card.

        You have to fill up the date of birth in dd-mm-yyyy format only and nothing else.

You have the liberty of tracking your PAN card through emailing us using the form provided to you on the right side.


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